Games I’m Psyched About or Have Played This May

This month I’ll be posting about what I’ve Played/ or plan to.This month I have played Blade and Soul (in english) for the first time. Blade in Soul is an MMO that was offered in japanese Chinese and Korean only for the past few years. It was recently released in english and I wasted no time in downloading it. Blade and soul is an amazing game with amazing graphics in a mix of anime graphic and realistic images I loved playing it.I also played Dragons prophet for the first time this month. It was unlike any other realistic MMO I have ever played.  It had me hooked once I started playing which happened to be during finals at my college so it doubled as stress release. I’ve also been playing Elsword which I haven’t played in two years so it was interesting to say the leased. I started playing Elsword angin about a week before its birthday.A MMO I’m anticipating this coming month is Final Fantasy Heavensward It’s to be released June 23.Final Fantasy XIV heavensward


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