Am I Still Falling?!

I fell into my Gaming past and apparently right through my console playing history and now I’m seeing my computer gaming history . This is so confusing anyway here’s the list as organized as possible EEK!


  1. Get Amped 2
  2. League Of ledgened
  3. paragon


  1. Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn
  2. Shin Mage tensei Imagine
  3. Blade and Soul
  4. Dragons Prophet
  5. Dragon Nest
  6. Echo of Soul
  7. Elsword
  8. Fiesta online
  9. Florensia EN
  10. Flyff
  11. Grand Chase(Kog Games Closed down this game in 2015)
  12. Grand Fantasia
  13. La Tale
  14. Mabinogi
  15. onigiri
  16. Osu

Strategy games

  1. Dragons of Atlantis ( browser game)

RHythm Games

  1. Audition
  2. Love Beats
  3. Mstar (offered by Graneda)
  4. Music Man( offered By Cubzone )



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