Tourist hmm?

Tourist is a word I know and have heard bu have never been called. I’ve not been to anywhere new for most of my life I’ve either lived in Kansas or Denver. when I lived in Denver we lived three blocks from down town and I’d walk to the library at the five points at least once a week. the Five Pints is a star shaped community on the east side of Denver at the start of down town consisting of small businesses most of witch were black owned.    when I was twelve years old we moved to a small town in  Kansas consisting of about 400 people and there was very little change to my schedule and sense of place seeing as we’d all ready  spent what added up to about half the year in Kansas before. we’d com down and visit our cousins for a few weeks and  help prep for the family reunion in summer. and in fall we’d come down to lock up the house for winter during fall break (” I think my granny just wanted to get us away from the city for a while”).


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