Some of you may wonder

yesterday June 29 I received a post prompt stating that I should do a (“who I am and why I’m here”post) so here goes .

My name is Janea I’m currently a Full time college student living in Kansas. I come from a middle class family and was raised by my grandma (Granny). I have five half siblings. four of them are from my mother and one of them are from my father. From my mother I have two older sibling (a brother and a sister)and two younger siblings (a brother  and a sister ).  I have an older brother on my dads side who I only know exists I know nothing a bout him. My mothers oldest is my Sister Jordan after which is my brother Dominique then theirs me, fallowed by My little brother Leonard , and finally my sister Jericha. I was the first out of my mothers children to go to college I’m currently going in to  my third year I started this blog about a year ago. at the time I started blogging my mother was battling cancer and not two weeks after I showed her this blog she passed away in her sleep. I started the blog as away to keep myself rooted and to help me express myself and share my interests.


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