Let’s Try Something. Spring 2016

Today I’m  going to be talking to you about anime I’ve watched this spring. Recently I’ve taken to skirting anime and I’ve found some I think are promising but am not sure for instance I’ve watched an anime called Yuki Yuna is a Hero., Seven Deadly Sins, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online(I just started season 3).


Yuki Yuna is a Hero is an anime about a group of school friends called the Hero club that fights creatures known as Vortexes to save the Shinju (神樹?, “Divine Tree”) the guardian deity which protects and blesses humanity their group has five people in total. They us a special phone application granted by the Shinju itself, Yuna and her friends transform into “heroes” with magical powers so to protect their world from imminent destruction. I found this anime on Netflix at the beginning of spring I watched the whole series in about two days this anime really got me emotionally invested and is quite heartrending at the end.


Seven Deadly Sins is an anime about the top holy knights in the group The Seven Deadly Sins being framed for a coup on the kingdom.


Fairy Tail is an anime about the adventures of the fairy tail guild more specifically Natsu Dragonle a dragon slayer or rather a mage with a type of magic called dragon slayer magic. this anime takes place in a world called Earth-land where magic is very common to the point there are hundreds if not thousands of guilds.

Sword Art Online is a anime series that starts with people being trapped in a virtual reality game that turns into a real life death game. where if you die in the game you also die in real life. The main character in this series is named Kruto and he was a beta tester for the game. which came in handy when the players made it to the boss of the floor.

<This post is a work in progress stay tuned for updates>



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