What’s Up People!

Hi, my name is Janea {I know what you’re thinking “Duh this is your blog” but that’s beside the point! 🙂 }  I’m writing this after I did some thinking. I’ve decided to give you all my undivided attention {well when I can 😉 }. I want you to let me know what you want me to write about because if you haven’t read my first post this is a blog where you live by my motto: “For the Love of Tea and Sanity!” meaning anything goes just about.

I write about what comes to mind and if you hadn’t noticed I don’t think of much I think you want to hear BUT I have decided that I’m going to inform you of it anyway now so look forward to posts about allergies, anime, teas, random thoughts, and games. so you can expect a lot more posts this time than last time.

Anyway, this was me giving you a heads up!


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