What Am I ( Time to Self Reflect)

Basically, I am human. I am a female. I am Big (Huge actually if you will). I am a Kpop Fan. I am a Gamer. I am a Middle child. I am 21 years old I am Childish.I am Empathetic. I am a Tea enthusiast. I am healing. I am well meaning. I am open minded ( or at least I try to be). I am realistic. I am spiritual ( not in the way of having a set religion but more like I believe in many things involving spirituality). these are what I am now

This is what I was. I was bullied I was a Bully I was depressed I was emotionally stunted I was filled with self-hate. I was suicidal. that’s a little about the person I was.

These are things I’m learning to do, I’m learning to love myself. I’m learnig to have a back bone. I’m learning to that it’s okay to try and that my life is worth somthing.


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