Me and Music


I’m going to say this once. The types of music I listen to change at random at any given time so I’ll try to keep you posted Kay ! 🙂 I am a K-pop fan and by k-pop I mean  I don’t have a set artist or group I listen to or am a fan of. ( Recently  I became aware of a lot of drama going on in the different  K-pop fandom’s. For instance ARMY’s vs EXO-L’s and so on Even though people post things talking about the different groups being friends  and it kinda drives me up the wall that the fandom’s are so busy fighting each other they don’t realize they are friends. Especially since I’m a member of both fandom’s. I will probably never decided which group I like more than the others so yea I’m a K-pop fan. It honestly depends I think of each song they release for me to decide if i like it.

Enough a bout drama I’m not just a K-pop fan I like many different types of music. such as Alternative Rock, hard rock, hip-hop, and regular pop. So when you see a post that’s titled “Me and Music” I will be sharing information I stumble apon and or songs I’m listening to.

songs I’m listening to right now!
  1. Misunderstood- Buk ft. Twister
  2. Rhythm ta- I-kon
  3. Rock the world- Xia ft. The Quiett, Automatic
  4. Starstruck- Lady Gaga
  5. Crank the Bass- Koda Kumi
  6. 21st Century Girl- BTS
  7. thats my Jam- BAP
  8. TopDog- Topp Dogg
  9.  FanFare- Sf9
  10. Time to Die- Dagames



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