Me and Music in May 2017

This month I’ve watched more music videos than I have in a long time I’ve watched are
Shangri-la – Vixx
Bling Bling – IKON
Really Really – Winner
Bingo- 24K
still 24-K -24K
Beast – Waka Flaka Flame Ft. (Mia Martina)
365 So Fresh- Triple H
I watched a Playlist of NCT 127 and NCT U
Right – UNNIEs
BOOM BOOM – SevenTeen
Don’t Want to Cry -seventeen.
That’s all the videos I’ve watched for the first time
some of these are videos to a song I’ve happened upon before I watched them.
I also did a lot of Guess the song challenges which probably explains a lot.seeing as  when I didn’t know the group or the song I’d look them up (If you want I can attach the challenges)

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