I have an Announcement!

I would like to let you all know I will be closing down this blog within the next few weeks and I wanted to say sorry for my infrequent posts.  I've decided that it would be best for me to try starting over. Seeing as I can't seem to keep to any schedule I try to … Continue reading I have an Announcement!


Me and music July 2017

At the beginning of July, I listened to a lot of older songs. I listened to BTS's Comeback Home Remake and That gave me the idea to listened to the original By Seo Taiji.      After listening to them both I thought I'd see how similar they where it turned out that they have different lyrics. Which made me think the 2ne1's Comeback Home … Continue reading Me and music July 2017

Tea Why?!

So this post is over why I barely drink tea anymore. the main reason is that I am an Anemic with a major iron deficiency. tea tends to remove iron from the body so I have started to drink less of it in hopes that my iron count will grow (not that it has). my body seems to … Continue reading Tea Why?!