Whats good people

I've recently bought Persona 5. This is my first persona game but not the first game from ATLUS that I've played. ATLUS is the game company behind the devil Survivor and persona series. The first game I've played from them was Shin Migami Tensei Imagine. Imagine is an MMO that has been around for years … Continue reading Whats good people


Me and music July 2017

At the beginning of July, I listened to a lot of older songs. I listened to BTS's Comeback Home Remake and That gave me the idea to listened to the original By Seo Taiji.      After listening to them both I thought I'd see how similar they where it turned out that they have different lyrics. Which made me think the 2ne1's Comeback Home … Continue reading Me and music July 2017

Tea Why?!

So this post is over why I barely drink tea anymore. the main reason is that I am an Anemic with a major iron deficiency. tea tends to remove iron from the body so I have started to drink less of it in hopes that my iron count will grow (not that it has). my body seems to … Continue reading Tea Why?!